1981 Quarter Value, Error List, & Investment Outlook

Are you a coin collector or an investor looking for unique and valuable additions to your collection? Look no further than the 1981 quarter. This coin, while not particularly rare, has the potential to be a valuable find for the discerning collector or investor. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the … Read more

1957 D Wheat Penny Buyers Guide, Value, Errors

Coin collecting, also known as numismatics, is a hobby people have enjoyed for centuries. It involves acquiring, cataloging, and studying various types of coins, from ancient artifacts to modern-day currency. Coin collecting can be a fun and educational pastime and a potentially profitable investment. Collectors may focus on a specific type of coin, such as … Read more

10 Most Valuable Wheat Pennies Worth In 2023

  10. 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent: Doubled Die Obverse MS(63): The value of a 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent with a Doubled Die Obverse can vary depending on factors such as the specific coin’s condition, rarity, and demand from collectors. However, for a general idea, a 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent with a Doubled … Read more

1944 Steel Penny Value, Best Grades, Mint Types

The 1944 Steel Penny is one of the most expensive coins in existence.  And in our opinion, one of the best in terms of an ultra-low-cost investment. SHOP 1944 STEEL PENNY ON EBAY Most probably created by accident, this off-metal error coin relates to WWII. Copper was traditionally used and was required for several military-related … Read more

1958 Wheat Penny Value, Mint Types, Info

Designed by Victor D Brenner, the 1958 Wheat Penny was the last minted wheat penny. It is made of 95% copper, with the rest being tin and zinc. SHOP 1958 WHEAT PENNY ON EBAY This perfect round coin weighs around 3.11 grams and has a diameter of 19 mm. 1,053,478,300 coins were struck in the … Read more

1928 Buffalo Nickel Value, Mint Types, Errors

SHOP THE 1928 BUFFALO NICKEL ON EBAY The 1928 Buffalo Nickel is a stunning coin with many versions to look out for. It’s not prohibitively expensive, but the best versions are worth a decent amount as the coin heads toward its centenary year. 1928 Buffalo Nickel vs. 1929 Buffalo Nickel: In terms of value, both … Read more

1920 Wheat Penny Value (No Mint Mark?) Guide

Coin collecting is an exciting hobby, and one of the most popular coins to collect is the 1920 Wheat Penny. It is an iconic piece of American history, the second penny issued after the end of World War I. The Wheat Penny was produced from 1909 to 1958, and its design and value have changed … Read more

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value & Buyers Guide

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Design Front: The 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar shows a beautiful woman with a long, flowing dress and long hair to match. The sun is setting in the bottom left of the coin, and the words “Liberty” engulf the top portion. Back: The back shows a Bald Eagle proudly perching … Read more