10 Most Valuable Wheat Pennies Worth In 2023

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10. 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent: Doubled Die Obverse MS(63):

The value of a 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent with a Doubled Die Obverse can vary depending on factors such as the specific coin’s condition, rarity, and demand from collectors. However, for a general idea, a 1936 P Lincoln Wheat Cent with a Doubled Die Obverse can range from $24 to $2,524 for the MS(63) grade.

1920 Wheat Penny
1951 D Wheat Penny


9. 1909 P VDB:

The coin is considered a key date in the Lincoln Cent series and is therefore highly sought after by collectors. The value of a 1909 P VDB Lincoln Cent is somewhere between $13-$34. However, a PR(63) can cost up to $3,126.


8. 1914 D Wheat Penny:

The value of a 1914 D Lincoln Wheat Penny in good condition is around $200 – $300, depending on the coin’s condition, rarity, and demand. The uncirculated MS(63) grade can cost up to $3,764.


7. 1917 P Wheat Penny (Doubled Die Obverse)

This coin is precious, and the uncirculated MS(63) grade comes with a staggering price tag of about $6,504.


6. 1955 P Doubled-Die Lincoln Penny

The 1955 P Doubled-Die Lincoln Penny is a rare and highly sought-after coin. The value of a 1955 P Doubled-Die Lincoln Penny in uncirculated MS(63) condition is around $17,504, depending on the coin’s condition.


5. 1922 D Lincoln Wheat Cent: Without Mint Mark:

You can get this coin’s uncirculated MS(60) grade for about $12,500. While the uncirculated MS(63) cost a whopping $30,700.


4. 1958 P Lincoln Wheat Cent (Doubled-Die Obverse)

This coin is among the top 5 most expensive coins on this list. The uncirculated MS(63) variant has a price tag of $219,521.


3. 1943 S Lincoln Cent Bronze Struck

The 1943 San Francisco minted (struck on bronze) coin is extremely rare. Its is almost impossible to find an MS(63) grade coin of this variant. However, the uncirculated MS(60) grade can cost $579,631.


2. 1944 S Lincoln Wheat Cent: Steel Cent

All three mints manufactured the 1944 steel cent. However, only two 1944-S Steel Cents from San Francisco are known to exist, making them the rarest Steel Penny mints. The price range is between $399,637 for (EF-40) grade and $1,110,923 for the uncirculated MS(63) grade.


1. 1943 D Copper Wheat Penny

It is assumed that almost all 1943 pennies are steel cents. However, during the switch to steel planchets in 1943, a few extra copper planchets from 1942 were utilized. This makes this coin one of the rarest coins in the world. In all conditions, this coin is costly. EE-40 condition has a price of about $440,374 while the most expensive coin is in the MS(65) grade, which can cost about $2,251,252.

It’s important to note that there are many fakes and reproductions of this coin in circulation, so it’s crucial to have the coin authenticated by a reputable coin dealer or grading service before determining its value.